Macnica Americas

Macnica Americas, Inc. is the North American division of Macnica Fuji Electronics Holdings, Inc., a $10B global leader in technology product distribution, high-touch support, and complex design services with headquarters in Yokohama, Japan.

Macnica Americas serves OEM companies, particularly those focused on creating innovative video, imaging, networking and storage products. Our highly technical team works closely with our customers and clients to scope, recommend and source the best components, boards, modules, displaysIP cores and software. During the design process, we help optimize, customize or even create specific solutions for our clients. By leveraging our skilled and experienced engineers, clients can accelerate development and manufacturing without compromising outcomes. 

We offer customers and clients the benefit of our knowledge, experience and proprietary IP from working extensively with FPGAs, high-quality standards-based video transport and video processing technologies, including image sensor processing, video compression, and deep learning. Also, our Automotive Division exclusively supports North American automotive customers with its deep understanding of the special requirements in the application.

If sourcing or production needs extend beyond North America, Macnica Americas is part of a well-integrated global network whose products and services are accessible to our North American customers. 

Macnica Americas’ headquarters is located in San Diego, with offices in San Jose, Dallas, Chicago, and Ottawa and representatives throughout the USA and Canada.


Delivering Quality to You One Box at a Time

As a leading global distributor, Macnica Group takes pride in its logistics services with quality and agility.

Macnica Group franchises with more than 200 worldwide suppliers as the primary authorized distributor to serve customers large and small in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific countries.

Macnica Americas has a distribution warehouse in California with an ISO9001:2015 certified QMS system and uses third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse in Huntsville, AL with an ISO9001:2015 certified QMS system for automotive customers.


 ISO9001 Certificate