Icetana's mission is to ensure people's safety with self-configuring and self-learning Al software that provides effortless scalability across large surveillance networks, enabling real-time detection of unusual or interesting events. Icetana technology empowers security operators and safety teams to proactively prevent situations. 

The Icetana self-learning AI software uses Machine Learning to constantly learn and adapt to your environment to predict when something unexpected is going to happen. With a choice to host on-site or in the cloud, you can manage multiple surveillance operations from a central location. 100s of cameras can be aggregated, even from different locations.




How Icetana Gets Smarter Over Time

Icetana Key Features

  • Real-time UI: Icetana uses AI algorithms to analyze video footage in real-time, detecting and alerting operators to potential security threats or anomalies on the LiveWall. This helps improve response times and reduce the risk of security breaches.
  • Scalability: Icetana can be deployed across large-scale surveillance systems, handling multiple cameras and streams simultaneously. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, many servers can be aggregated even if they are in different locations making Icetana a flexible and scalable solution for businesses of any size.
  • Continuous learning: Icetana AI software is self-learning, meaning it adapts and improves its detection capabilities over time. It starts with an initial 24-hour learning period and one week of optimization with continuous improvement based on your camera scenes. This helps reduce false alarms and increases the accuracy of its alerts.
  • Advanced analytics: Icetana offers advanced analytics capabilities, including heat mapping and behavioral analysis. This provides deeper insights into surveillance footage, allowing operators to identify patterns and trends that may be missed with traditional surveillance methods.
  • Incident reporting: Icetana self-learning AI software offers a highlights review of unusual events that can easily be downloaded and shared as well as easy incident reporting and categorization.
  • Easy integration: The software is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing surveillance systems, making it easy to add AI capabilities to your existing security infrastructure.

Use Cases for Icetana

  • Individuals in unauthorized areas.
  • Late-night access attempts
  • Crowds forming
  • Suspicious behavior
  • Vandalism
  • Children falling/playing on escalators or fountains
  • People lying on the ground / medical emergencies
  • Cars or people going the wrong way
  • Fire and smoke
  • Unauthorized access of emergency exits
  • Intruders climbing over perimeter fences

Get Proven Results with Icetana

  • Increased speed of response
  • Reduced impact of threats
  • Improved risk profile
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Mitigate the impact of events
  • Create a safer environment
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