Rotating Video Frame Buffer (RVFB)

Rotating Video Frame Buffer (RVFB)

The Macnica Rotating Video Frame Buffer is a near drop-in replacement for the Intel Video Frame Buffer available in the “VIP Suite” of functions. In addition to providing a triple-buffer implementation supported frame rate conversion via dropping and repeating of video frames, it provides orthogonal (increments of 90 degrees) rotation and both vertical and horizontal reflection capabilities on a frame-by-frame basis.


  • Platform Designer compatible
  • Up to HD resolutions
  • Efficient memory bandwidth utilization
  • Access to diagnostic and control-related statistics:
    • Number of frames received
    • Number of frames output
    • Number of frames dropped
    • Dimensions of each frame in the buffers
    • Status of each frame (in-use, available)
  • Programmable memory video frame buffer location
  • Control of orientation via Avalon Slave interface on a frame-by-frame basis
  • Parameters allow reduced features for reduced logic utilization
  • Compatible with Intel® Cyclone, Stratix and Arria FPGA families.


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