Stereo Camera Distance Measurement IP

Stereo Camera Distance Measurement IP

ITD Lab is a leader in high-speed 3D stereo camera distance measurement technology for ADAS and robotics applications.

ITD Lab's ISC (Intelligent Stereo Camera) IP implements its SRIM (Stereo Range Imager) technology in a small FPGA to enable a very high-speed 3D distance measurement with accuracy. The IP core is provided in binary for a specific FPGA with a security chip to decrypt the IP.

ISC Stereo Camera Unit (ISC 100MV) is an evaluation kit for this technology, shipped with a software development kit (SDK) and ISC Viewer software. 

ITD Lab ISC (Intelligent Stereo Camera) Features

  • High-speed object recognition function
  • Automatic adjustment function
  • Self-position recognition function by incorporating our proprietary “SRIM Technology”

Sample FPGA implementation for ADAS

  • 60 fps refresh rate
  • 3D position measurement
  • Object recognition
  • Object tracking
  • TTC (time between collisions)
  • Automatic adjustment
  • Distortion correction
  • Automatic light adjustment
  • 3-dimensional map creation
  • Self-position recognition

ITD Lab 3D range measurement

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