Harness Decades of Expertise: IEI's Proven ODM Prowess in Medical, Industrial & Edge Computing, AI and Acceleration

Harness Decades of Expertise: IEI's Proven ODM Prowess in Medical, Industrial & Edge Computing, AI and Acceleration

IEI ODM Services

IEI Brings Decades of Proven ODM Capabilities with Deep and Wide Technical Expertise in Key Vertical Markets

Over 20 years of vertical domain knowledge, product development, and manufacturing experiences allow IEI to respond quickly to customer requirements and meet or exceed customer expectations. IEI has been practicing LEAN Management since 2010 to ensure focus on quality and efficiency for deep and broad technical project execution.

IEI's Core Competencies for Turn-key Design
  • System and Software Integrated Design Capability
  • Documented Project Management
  • Certified and Traceable Manufacturing
  • QA Systems
  • Global Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Responsiveness to Market and Technology Trends

Medical Project Examples

IEI Medical Projects


    • Endoscopy
    • Nurse hand-held info/entry systems
    • Scanning and diagnosis systems
    • Nurse/patient room status systems
    • AI-based body temp monitoring
    • Customer carts and mobile stations
    • Patient data entry, monitoring
    • Point of care/eye care systems and monitors
    • Mobile battery-operated monitors
    • Networked hospital systems


     Industrial and Computing Examples

    IEI Industrial and Computing Projects


    • Mobile scanners
    • Digital signage
    • Industrial robotics
    • Custom network management systems
    • Building management/control
    • Custom storage and networked storage
    • Machine/process controllers
    • IoT gateways, custom/high-end edge computing
    • HMI (operator interfaces)
    • Computing accelerators: FPGA, NVIDIA, and others
    • Semiconductor test systems
    • AI-based systems


    Why Partner with IEI?

    The teams at IEI have long established their ability to integrate multiple disciplines for complex projects. They emphasize client communication and collaboration.  Project management is effectively centralized to manage multiple sites as necessary.  Manufacturing facilities are 100% owned.  Partners are world-renowned for their technology as well.

    Macnica is familiar with IEI’s ODM capabilities and operations, and we stand ready and willing to assist in requirements assessment and launching projects for interested parties.

    IEI's World Leading Partners and Technologies

    IEI Partners

    Certified for Quality Results

    IEI ISO Certifications

    Manufacturing Facilities 100% Owned


    Need more examples of successful designs and projects by IEI? Want to find out more? Contact Macnica for more information.

    IEI is known for:

    Quality ODM services, innovative Industrial and medical computing products and instruments, networking products, embedded boards and systems, and AI processing solutions.  With several award-winning solutions, iEi has demonstrated leadership in the market.  They have alliances with Intel© (Titanium Partner), Microsoft, Amazon, and others for their leading-edge technologies.

    Customized solutions include electrical/digital modifications, mechanical structures, housing, software options, etc.