Macnica Americas offers an impressive lineup of industrial display monitors, carefully curated to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Our linecard boasts renowned manufacturers known for their innovation and quality, ensuring your projects shine with exceptional visual experiences. OrtusTech, a division of Toppan, takes center stage with their high-quality TFT LCD modules featuring the remarkable Blanview technology. Experience unparalleled low-power performance and sunlight readability, perfect for outdoor and portable applications. Innolux leads the way with a versatile range of TFT LCDs, medical displays, interactive displays, ePaper, mini LEDs, and even a groundbreaking 3D display. LG OLED offers OLED and transparent OLED display monitors that are revolutionizing digital signage. Elevate your visual presentations with vibrant colors and sleek designs available in curved or concave panels and T-OLED panels or monitors. Macnica Displays are cost-effective LCD display monitors, readily available at low MOQs to accommodate projects of all sizes. Experience seamless integration and top-notch performance without breaking the bank. For high-quality broadcast and security monitors, look no further than Lilliput. Renowned for their reliability and exceptional image clarity, Lilliput monitors are the go-to choice for professional applications.


Innovative LCD Displays from Small to Very Large Sizes

LG OLED Display Signage

With LG Commercial OLED Displays, you can give the best possible viewing experience to increase audience engagement. Your company has the freedom to develop distinctive digital displays thanks to LG's curvable open frame OLEDs. Both portrait and landscape orientations are offered for concave and convex curves.

Lilliput Monitors

Lilliput is known for high-quality 4K LCD monitors for broadcast, multimedia, film, security, industrial, POS, and FPV products.

Macnica Displays

Macnica offers cost-effective and high quality TFT LCDs with off the shelf PCAP technology. TN, VA, IPS types of displays in sizes ranging from 1.33” to 15.6”

Macnica Value-add Services for Displays

Macnica provides various value-added services for displays, including optical bonding with touch driver and cover glasses


OrtusTech, a Toppan business, offers small and medium-sized, high-quality TFT LCDs, with exceptional low-power sunlight-readable color rendering.

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