Modern businesses face pressure to move faster and meet ever-growing customer expectations while realizing higher levels of business efficiency. Industrial automation and robotics play a pivotal role in addressing these needs. Companies are looking for ways to implement robotics and help ensure that employees can focus on the most critical and meaningful tasks. They’re finding a virtually limitless number of valuable use cases, such as autonomous concierge robots in shopping malls, robotic arms in manufacturing plants, last-mile delivery robots, and even sanitation and cleaning robots.

Across all industries, robotics manufacturers are aiming to perfect their industrial automation and robotics hardware. Manufacturers need to deliver outstanding results via flexible, scalable designs. They require tools and technologies to deliver the right functionality, at the right cost and location, via the right form factor or robot type. 

Technologies Fueling the Robotics Revolution

Functional Safety

Due to their force and power, robots previously were separated from workers and housed in safety cages. Now collaborative applications need robots to interact directly with or in close proximity to humans. Making functional safety requirements for robots critical for collaborative or interactive operations.


Vision technology is vital for many industrial automation and robotics applications. It enables robots to tackle new tasks. Our comprehensive portfolio of computer vision cameras, hardware, software, and IP bring spatial awareness to robotics solutions.

Condition-based Monitoring

Condition-based Monitoring enables early detection and diagnosis of machine and system abnormalities via real-time monitoring. Vibration, current, temperature, and sound all provide key insights into the health of robots and machines. Vibration measurements further isolate mechanical noise from electrical noise, improving machine diagnostics. With SENSPIDER, our edge computing solution, you can collect various types of sensor data simultaneously and build AI-powered Condition-based Maintenance (CBM) preventing sudden machine outages or downtime.

Wired Connectivity

Multi-axis synchronization is critical in robotic applications. Our portfolio of Ethernet solutions, includes platforms, switches, and physical layer devices, supports all major Ethernet protocols, and provides multi-protocol flexibility, ease of use, and support. These future-proof products are for today’s Industrial Ethernet networks and tomorrow’s converged networks-based Time Sensitive Networking (TSN).

Wireless Connectivity

Robotic applications require a proven and robust solution for wireless connectivity to direct robot movement around their environment. We offer wireless solutions for applications where low power, reliability, and scalability are key.

Position Sensing

Advance motion and robotic designs with high precision position feedback solutions. High resolution space constrained optical encoders require small high precision signal processing and robust communications. Magnetic angle sensors enable more robust, affordable medium resolution encoder solutions suited to the type of human assist tasks carried out by cobots.

Motion Control

Macnica offers innovative motor control solutions that offer the best in system efficiency, reliability, and connectivity with an eye on  industry-leading integration.

Sensing for Environmental Awareness

Smart factories of the future require immersive collaboration between human workers, robots, AGVs and automation equipment. Depth sensing solutions directly enhance industrial automation capabilities in machine vision. These are important for quality inspection, human safety, volumetric detection for asset management, and navigation for autonomous manufacturing. 

Grippers and End Effectors

Smart grippers and end effectors extend the range of tasks robots can perform. With flexibility and productivity being key objectives of Industry 4.0, ease of use and quick tool changes are possible with plug and play connector interfaces. In addition, precise force and torque sensing and measurement allows for gains in productivity, such as appropriate component handling, optimal surface finishing, lead screw tightening, and many other applications.

Power and Battery Management

Miniaturization of robotic designs demands more efficient power management solutions to effectively reduce size and weight, and to minimize thermal challenges in constrained spaces. Efficient battery management is critical to mobile robots and platforms to maximize use between charging. The ADI Power by Linear™ portfolio offers a broad range of high performance power management solutions for power conversion, and battery management for any rechargeable battery chemistry, including Li-Ion, lead acid, and nickel-based.

Today, robots are being used to fulfill a wide variety of functions across many industries.

Warehouses, Logistics, and Manufacturing

Industrial companies are using robotics as part of their Industrial IoT strategy to perform both heavy- and light-duty operations, automate the warehouse, conduct hazardous tasks, and carry out safety inspections. Logistics suppliers are enabling automated fulfillment and inventory management through robotic arms and AMRs.


Healthcare providers rely on robotics technology for critical needs such as surface disinfection, telepresence, medication delivery, and rehabilitation.

Retail, Banking, and Hospitality

Retailers, banks, and hospitality companies are using robotics to streamline and enhance the customer experience—from customer service to inventory automation, room service, luggage assistance, and wayfinding.

Smart Cities

Smart and connected cities use robots to enhance quality of life for their citizens. Robotics is being deployed in cities and communities for cleaning, wayfinding, and public security.

Need a display solution for your robotic applications?

Macnica offers a wide range of displays and enhancements to provide the best solution for your requirements.

  • IPS, OLED Displays up to UHD Resolution
  • Sizes ranging from 1.33” ~ 120”
  • Resistive, IR or PCAP Touch Technology
  • Fully Customizable
  • Optical Bonding (OCR, OCA or Airgap)
  • Antibacterial, Anti-viral, Anti-finger-smudge & Oleophobic Coatings
  • IP6X treatments
  • Low Power
  • Sunlight Readable, Ruggedized Outdoor Displays

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