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Macnica Design Service Partners

We understand the challenges of designing and manufacturing products that work on time and within budget. Macnica's design partners, Hitek Systems, iEi, and Reflex CES, epitomize the fusion of expertise and innovation in engineering design services, delivering many benefits to our customers.

Gain access to a broad range of advantages by leveraging the capabilities of Hitek Systems, iEi, and Reflex CES. These include accelerated product development cycles, cost-effective solutions, and access to state-of-the-art technologies. With our partners' support, clients can tap into specialized engineering talent, streamline their design processes, and stay at the forefront of technological advancements. Our design services partners can enhance your projects, drive innovation, and ultimately contribute to your success.

Hitek Systems 

FPGA Design Services and Hardware Design Engineering Services are the foundation of what Hitek Systems offers clients. Whether developing small, custom communications modules or high-performance, high-speed board, and FPGA design, Hitek Systems has the experience and expertise to meet the challenges of today by utilizing the latest cutting-edge parts and latest FPGA and hardware design techniques.  Hitek's FPGA team is fully trained and experienced in Verilog and VHDL and supports Intel as a Platinum Partner. Hitek also offers full turnkey solutions complementing FPGA design and hardware design with software engineering and PCB layout. Hitek's hardware team can execute a development from concept design and schematic capture through prototype build, debugging, and testing to full production. They are experienced in high-speed board design and PCB layout using the latest board materials with today's high-performance FPGAs and the latest DDR RAM technologies.

Hitek Design Service Specialties
  • Engineering – customization of existing products or turn-key full custom
  • FPGA designs & systems – all phases
  • High-speed layout/interfaces, latest BGA packages
  • IP including Board Support Packages:
  • Up to 800 GbE, FEC, Peripherals
  • Networking, Communications, Test & Measurement, Wireless, Compute/Storage
  • Intel® Agilex, Stratix 10, Arria 10

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iEi has years of experience designing and developing professional software, hardware, mechanical, and system integration and is especially well-known for developing medical, industrial, and computing products. Their extensive experience covers nearly every product line in the IPC field and enables them to provide outstanding OEM/ODM services. iEi prides itself on guaranteeing a successful and timely product development experience for our clients and holds the esteemed status of an Intel Platinum Partner.

iEi Design Service Specialties
  • ODM Engineering Design: electrical, mechanical, packaging, displays, software
  • Embedded systems, servers & FPGA design
  • Medical stations, industrial controls, custom panels, handheld and wall mount touch applications
  • Energy management and EV systems
  • Industrial automation systems
  • AI/ML scanning for medical & surveillance systems
  • Building and home controls

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reflex ces

60% of REFLEX CES activities are centered around developing full turnkey designs and custom solutions for clients. Their diverse array of capabilities includes board design, FPGA design, analog and RF design, software development, mechanical design, and even qualification processes when necessary. Additionally, they offer expertise in designing rugged and rackmount systems suited for challenging environments and constrained spaces, featuring active or custom passive thermal management. Modified COTS solutions are based on existing REFLEX CES COTS boards, tailored with minimal or extensive modifications to match your unique requirements precisely. REFLEX CES technical proficiency extends to addressing complete systems, as well as offering partial design services covering hardware, firmware, software, mechanical design, CAD P&R, PCB stacking definition, signal integrity assessments via Hyperlynx simulations, certifications, and much more. REFLEX CES is dedicated to delivering adaptable engineering solutions, empowering our clients to thrive in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

reflex ces Design Service Specialties
  • Custom rackmount system development
  • Digital, analog, and RF board development
  • FPGA and software development

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