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Macnica Americas Networking Prodcts

Macnica Americas is your trusted partner for cutting-edge networking and storage solutions. We offer diverse products designed for networking and communication applications, including FPGAs, FPGA boards, SOMs (System-on-Modules), NIC cards, network switches, SSDs, and server-grade DRAM. Discover our exceptional product lineup.

FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) 

Intel FPGAs provide unmatched flexibility and performance for networking and storage applications. Their reprogrammable logic and high-speed processing capabilities enable the implementation of custom protocols, acceleration of networking algorithms, and the ability to adapt to evolving networking standards. Making them an ideal choice to make the network more flexible, scalable, and secure. We can help you migrate your design to the latest FPGA technology nodes. FPGAs provide a unique range of encryption IPs and 10GbE / 25GbE / 100GbE / 400GbE connectivity, various options for code programmability from RTL level to high-level languages and frameworks, large amounts of logic can be combined with embedded CPU cores for the best processing performance.

FPGA Boards

Accelerate your networking product development with our FPGA boards. Development boards provide a robust hardware platform for prototyping and implementing FPGA-based networking solutions. They offer comprehensive features, interfaces, and documentation, enabling rapid design and testing for networking applications. We provide a variety of FPGA development, acceleration, and PCIe boards that fit the requirements of the networking market. We can also design custom boards for your application.

SOMs (System-on-Modules)

Simplify your networking solution with our SOMs. These compact, pre-integrated modules offer ready-to-use connectivity options and feature-rich capabilities. We offer SOMs in broad variety of technologies, processor cores, memory, and peripheral interfaces, providing a complete embedded system solution. Our SOMs enable rapid development and easy integration into a networking infrastructure.

NIC Cards (Network Interface Cards)

Experience seamless connectivity and optimized data transfer with our high-performance NIC cards. Designed for various network speeds and protocols, our NIC cards deliver reliable and efficient network communication, enabling smooth data flow across your network infrastructure.

Network Switches 

Our network switches offer advanced features and scalability to meet the demands of modern networking environments. With support for high-speed data transmission, superior reliability, and comprehensive management capabilities, our switches ensure efficient data routing and optimized network performance.

SSDs (Solid State Drives)

Unlock the full potential of your storage infrastructure with Transend high-performance SSDs. Featuring fast data access, low latency, and high endurance, Transcend Embedded SSDs provide reliable storage solutions for demanding networking applications, including caching, data center storage, and content delivery networks (CDNs).

Server-Grade DRAM

Transend server-grade DRAM modules deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and capacity to meet the requirements of data-intensive networking applications. Whether it's caching, data analytics, or virtualization, our server-grade DRAM ensures efficient data processing and responsiveness in networking environments.

Enabling Future Innovations in the Next-Generation of Networking Applications

Network Applications Macnica Supports

Data Centers and Cloud Computing

Leverage our networking solutions for data centers and cloud computing environments, ensuring high-speed connectivity, efficient data transfer, and seamless virtualization. Our products enable reliable networking infrastructure to support cloud-based applications and services.

Edge Computing and IoT Connectivity

Enable secure and reliable communication between edge devices and cloud services with our networking solutions. Facilitate real-time data processing and analytics at the edge for IoT applications, industrial automation, and smart cities, driving innovation in edge computing.

Telecommunications and Network Infrastructure

Enhance network performance and scalability in telecommunications and network infrastructure deployments with our reliable networking products. From carrier-grade switches to advanced NIC cards and FPGAs, our solutions ensure seamless connectivity and efficient data handling.

Storage and Content Delivery

Optimize data storage and content delivery with our high-performance SSDs. Whether it's caching content for CDNs or storing critical data in data centers, our SSDs offer fast access, low latency, and high reliability for efficient content delivery and data management.

High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Enable high-performance networking and data processing in HPC environments with our server-grade DRAM and FPGAs. Achieve faster data analysis, simulation, and modeling, empowering research institutions, academic organizations, and enterprises with exceptional computing power.

At Macnica Americas, we are committed to delivering innovative networking and storage solutions that empower businesses in today's interconnected world. Partner with us to leverage our expertise and cutting-edge products, including FPGAs, FPGA boards, SOMs, NIC cards, network switches, SSDs, and server-grade DRAM, for your networking and communication needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive range of products and how we can help you drive networking excellence in your industry.