Macnica IoT Solutions

Macnica IoT Solutions


Macnica accelerates digital transformation of industrial companies by helping them embrace IoT and AI in their product, operation, and business. As a trusted partner, we work closely with customers to help them succeed on their transformation journey with IoT solutions and AI integration services.

Smart Maintenance


With Macnica SENSPIDER, the edge computing solution with analog sensor interfaces, customers can collect various types of sensor data simultaneously and build AI-powered Condition-based Maintenance (CBM), preventing sudden machine outage and downtime.

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Video Analytics for Manual Assembly

Pathfinder by Retrocausal

Pathfinder is a camera-based AI solution to analyze manual assembly operations in the factory lines, helping operators avoid mistakes through audible and visual alerts. With Pathfinder on your factory floor, you can improve assembly line quality while reducing training costs for your operators.

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