Macnica Value-add Services for Displays

Macnica Value-add Services for Displays

Macnica's custom display value-add services enable us to deliver a more complete display solution that accelerates customers’ time-to-market.

Macnica's Custom Display Value-add Services

Optical Bonding (2.0” – 105.0”) Optical Bonding Explained

The process of laminating cover glass or touchscreens to the LCD. We use silicone gel or other Display Glareadhesive materials to be inserted between the cover glass and LCD to completely fill the air gap.

  • OCA – Optically Clear Adhesive
    • Dry Bonding
    • Available Size: 2.0” – 65.0”
  • OCR – Optically Clear Resin
    • Wet Bonding
    • Available Size: 2.0” – 105.0”
  • Air Gap 
    • Double side Tape (Edge only)
    • Available Size: Any size



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Display EnhancementsDisplay Enhancements

Macnica offers the opportunity to develop customized products with any sizes and features designed for specific applications.

  • Backlight Enhancement – Custom designed LED bar, heat dissipation solution, or custom design of the entire backlight solution.
    • High Brightness
    • High Color Gamut
  • Film Lamination – technology that improves brightness and contrast by reducing surface reflection with applying optical films to LCD front surface.
    • AG/AR Film, Linear/ Polarizing films


Additional Enhancements


Touch Screen & Cover GlassRes touch and PCAP

Macnica offers variety of custom touch screens and cover glasses for specific applications.  

  • Touch Screen
    • PCAP – Projected Capacitive Touch
    • Resistive Touch
    • Surface Capacitive Touch
  • Cover Glass
    • Gorilla 
    • Soda Lime
    • Dragon Trail


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