Toppan Aerial Touch Screen Technology

Vivid images “floating” in the air.
Futuristic Non-Contact HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) becomes available by a combination of aerial floating display and air-location detection sensor, like ToF sensor.

Aerial Floating Display + Air-location Sensor = Contactless HMI

A contactless interface can prevent viruses (e.g. coronavirus) and microbes from adhering to fingers; very effective display solution to prevent the transmission of the virus and enhance public sanitation.

The floating image can be seen only from the straight direction and it is hard to peep at the image from oblique directions; this solution is effective to increase the privacy control of high-security equipment (e.g. PIN input). Toppan plans to propose and provide not only an “Aerial Floating Display” only but also a total HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) solution incorporating a sensor to detect air-position of fingers.

Technology Background

  • The light emitted from the LCD display will be retro-reflected by orthogonal adjacent 2 reflection plane on micro-mirror-array. A floating image will be optically formed at a plane-symmetric position in the air.
  • Toppan’s high transmittance LCD panel, high brightness backlight, and proprietary optical design expertise enable to provide exceptional vivid aerial imaging experience with very bright and less ghost picture.

Aerial Image Position

45-degree standing position has been assumed as a standard position of Aerial Floating Human Machine Interface Touch Screen display, but Toppan’s unique optical design approach enabled to place the floating image in parallel to the unit surface.
The display unit of “parallel-floating”, furthermore, could decrease its module thickness down to almost half compared to the 45-degree type.

45-deg Floating

45-deg Floating

Parallel Floating 1/2 Module Thickness Non-Contact Sensor Easy Integration

Parallel Floating
1/2 Module Thickness
Non-Contact Sensor Easy Integration


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