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Critical Link

Critical Link is an embedded computer systems engineering firm offering a broad range of production-ready, industrial performance system-on-modules (SOMs) and embedded imaging platforms based on Intel/Altera Cyclone V SoC and Arria 10 SoC development kits. Critical Link is a Platinum member of the Intel FPGA Design Services Network and Intel IoT Solutions Alliance and is ISO 9001:2015 Registered by SRI Quality System Registrar.


  MityDSP-L138(F) MitySOM-335x MitySOM-iMX6 MitySOM-5CSX MitySOM-A10S MitySOM-AM57F
  MityDSP-L318(F) MitySOM-335x MitySOM-iMX6 MitySOM-5CSX MitySOM-A10 MitySOM-AM57(F)
High-Performance ARM or Applications Processor
DSP - Fixed or Floating Point
FPGA Fabric
Display Cable
3D Graphics Acceleration
Video Acceleration
High-Speed Interfaces
CAN Bus / Industrial Protocols
Low Power



Critical Link MitySOM-5SX-DSC

Critical Link has developed high-performance, customizable families of DSP, ARM, and FPGA-based processing platforms called System on Modules (SOMs) that are used as building blocks to accelerate electronic product development efforts.  These modules couple best-in-class off-the shelf-technology with Critical Link’s product development expertise. You get the flexibility of custom design plus the cost and time benefits of ready-made.  

MitySOM A10 Development Kit
MitySOM A10 Development Kit 



MityCAM-B2521F Board Set
MityCAM-B2521F Board Set

Critical Link works with OEMs in industrial, scientific, medical, surveillance, & defense markets to design and manufacture custom imaging platforms. Our engineering team designs solutions around a wide array of image sensor technology, including CMOS/sCMOS, CCD, EMCCD, Linescan, InGaAs, Infrared, and SWIR. We offer FPGA & ARM-based image processing building blocks, along with an array of interface options including USB3 Vision, Camera Link, GigE Vision, and numerous others.



User Success Story - SAAB Sensis

MitySOM-5CSx Gives Industry Leader a New Competitive EdgeSAAB Sensis


Critical Link is pleased to announce the exceptional results being achieved by the first wave of customers getting to production using its MitySOMTM-5CSx System on Modules (SOMs). Companies using these SOMs are realizing a competitive advantage through a significant reduction of the time and cost involved in bringing new electronic products to the market.

Saab Sensis Corporation, a world leader in surveillance and information technology for the aviation industry, recently partnered with Critical Link to develop the newest generation of their ground based ATM sensor. This state-of-the-art product receives the signals transmitted by aircraft for the purpose of locating them in space. Saab Sensis used MitySOM-5CSx to jumpstart and accelerate development.

“We’d developed our own boards before,” said Chris Schierer, Saab Sensis Senior Staff Systems Engineer and Lead Engineer for the ground based ATM sensor. “It wasn’t a question of capability. It was a question of where we wanted to focus our resources. When it came down to it, we wanted our engineers to focus on developing our own industry-specific intellectual property – the things that would make us more profitable and competitive.”

Saab Sensis was first attracted to the 5CSx module because it incorporates Altera’s Cyclone V SX processor. Engineers were excited to discover the Critical Link module offered an embedded ARM processor in an Altera FPGA, all in the module that offers the RAM, interfaces, and other features as well as the support they desired. The Cyclone® V System-on-a-Chip (SoC) is a powerful, fully programmable hardware and software building block that significantly improves system performance via the high-bandwidth between the single or dual ARM® Cortex™-A9 processor and the Cyclone® V FPGA fabric.

Each part in the MitySOM-5CSx family is pin-for-pin compatible, allowing development teams the flexibility to quickly and cost-effectively meet customers’ unique requirements. The products are highly configurable, offering a wide range of technical features in a small form factor. Critical Link designed the SOM family with rigorous industrial, medical, and defense applications in mind, targeting long-term production with 10-15-year availability from initial release.

As with many Critical Link customers, the key reason Saab Sensis sought out a SOM was to make development of the ground based ATM sensor smoother and faster. MitySOM-5CSx exceeded expectations. “When our custom boards arrived, we were able to plug in the SOM, put our code in, and we were up and running in 24 hours,” recalled Schierer. “That is miraculous. There were people walking around the building with their jaws hanging down, saying, ‘I can’t believe we’re up and running on the first day.’” The MitySOM-5CSx family offers a wide range of processing densities, speed grades, and temperature options at competitive costs. Standard variants and development kits are available today from numerous major distributors. If a standard variant does not meet your specification, contact Critical Link to discuss developing a custom solution.

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