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Access real-time FPGA data for development


Intel Agilex SoM's

As FPGA development engineers, delving into the Terasic Intel System on Module (SoM) opens avenues for robust and scalable solutions. Our SoM's integrate Intel's cutting-edge technology with Terasic's expertise, providing a solid foundation for diverse FPGA applications. With its compact form factor and powerful processing capabilities, the Terasic Intel SoM streamlines development cycles and facilitates seamless integration into various projects.  Designed for high performance AI solutions Terasic's Appolo Agilex SoM takes advantage of Intel's latest SoC with 1400K logic elements.

Featuring a rich set of peripherals and interfaces, including high-speed transceivers and DDR memory, the Terasic's Intel powered SoM's empowers developers to build efficient and versatile FPGA-based systems. Its compatibility with Intel's development tools and ecosystem ensures a smooth transition for FPGA engineers, allowing them to leverage familiar workflows and resources. With the Terasic Intel SoM, FPGA development engineers can unlock the full potential of their designs while enjoying the reliability and support that Terasic offers throughout the development journey.

Terasic Development and Starter Kits

Terasic's Development and Starter Kits stand as cornerstone tools in the arsenal of FPGA engineers, offering robust platforms engineered to accelerate project development. These kits embody Terasic's dedication to providing accessible yet feature-rich solutions, tailored to streamline the FPGA design process. Whether delving into the DE10 series or exploring specialized kits catering to specific application needs, engineers find a comprehensive range of options, each designed to accommodate diverse project requirements and skill levels. Equipped with integrated development environments, extensive documentation, and flexible hardware configurations, Terasic Kits empower both seasoned professionals and newcomers to delve into FPGA innovation with confidence and efficiency. With an emphasis on user-friendly interfaces and adaptable functionalities, these kits serve as catalysts for innovation, enabling engineers to channel their creativity into groundbreaking FPGA-based solutions across industries and applications.  The Agilex 7 FPGA Starter Kit utilizes advanced Intel FPGA SoC's.


Terasic's Development and Starter Kits transcend mere hardware—they symbolize a commitment to nurturing innovation and empowering engineers to turn their FPGA visions into reality. By providing accessible yet powerful platforms, Terasic fosters a culture of exploration and ingenuity, driving advancements in FPGA technology and propelling the industry forward into new realms of possibility.


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