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FPGA Boards

Hitek excels in FPGA development, providing expertise for efficient and high-performance solutions.


Hitek appliances offer powerful, high-performance FPGA solutions for diverse applications with Intel-based technology.

Interface Modules

Hitek Systems offers versatile interface modules for seamless integration into FPGA-based applications.


Hitek Systems, as an Intel Titanium Partner, provides expert FPGA services for high-bandwidth and high-computational projects.

Intel FPGA Boards

Hitek Computer Systems' FPGA solutions provide significant value in addressing high data throughput, high-performance computation, and storage workloads. Their Ethernet FPGA IP cores offer exceptional data throughput capabilities (ranging from 200Gbps to 800Gbps), making them ideal for handling massive data streams in networking switches, data center accelerators, and signal/image processing platforms. The compliance with industry standards, such as IEEE 802.3bs and IEEE 802.3cd, ensures compatibility and interoperability with existing networking infrastructure and devices, reducing integration challenges and ensuring reliability.

The flexibility and customizability of Hitek's FPGA IP cores empower FPGA engineers to tailor the cores to meet specific application requirements. With access to source code RTL (Verilog) and support for high-level abstraction through OpenCL and oneAPI, developers can efficiently create optimized solutions. The inclusion of Reed Solomon FEC (RS-FEC) with error correction in the PCS cores enhances data integrity, making Hitek's solutions well-suited for handling data transmission over noisy communication channels.

Hitek's MAC cores efficiently handle data processing tasks, including preamble/SFD generation, CRC-32 checking, and more, ensuring smooth and reliable data flow. The support for PCIe Gen4 and Gen3 interfaces enables high-speed communication between FPGAs and host systems, while the on-board NVMe storage in the PCIe Computational Storage Accelerator Card allows for direct storage and processing of large datasets, reducing data movement and latency.

The open FPGA stack and support for OpenCL and oneAPI provide high-level abstraction for FPGA development, making it accessible to software developers. This ease of development and integration enables faster deployment and implementation of FPGA-based accelerators into existing software ecosystems. Overall, Hitek's FPGA solutions offer a comprehensive set of features and capabilities to tackle high data throughput, high-performance computation, and storage workloads, empowering FPGA engineers to build efficient and reliable solutions for today's data-intensive applications.

Platforms and Appliances

Hitek Computer Systems offers advanced FPGA solutions based on Intel technology, providing high data throughput and performance capabilities for FPGA engineers tackling networking, computation, and storage challenges. The FPGA cores' compliance with IEEE standards ensures seamless integration and compatibility with existing Intel-based infrastructure, simplifying development efforts.

The customizable front panel and support for FMC/FMC+ based applications on Intel platforms provide engineers with the flexibility to tailor solutions to specific requirements. The inclusion of Intel's high-performance 14nm Stratix 10 FPGA with powerful transceiver lanes allows for the implementation of various standard or custom SERDES protocols, optimizing data processing and transfer.

The availability of Type10 COMe or S10 Sx ARM host processor support on Intel-based appliances offers enhanced CPU and storage capabilities, catering to applications requiring higher processing power. Additionally, the FPGA firmware/C API board support package streamlines development on Intel platforms, allowing engineers to concentrate on building their unique applications.

Monitoring features, such as RMON blocks and statistics counters, enable engineers to analyze and optimize network performance on Intel-based systems, ensuring data integrity and reliability. The compact 1U form factor and rack-mountable design offer efficient space utilization for Intel-based appliances, allowing one or two units to be mounted side by side in a rack.

Hitek Systems' Intel-based FPGA solutions empower engineers to create cutting-edge applications in diverse domains, leveraging the high data throughput, flexible design options, and performance-enhancing features for networking, computation, and storage workloads on Intel-based platforms.


Hitek Computer Systems, as an Intel Titanium Partner, offers specialized services catering to projects with high bandwidth and computational requirements. Collaborating closely with project owners, Hitek delivers advanced FPGA solutions utilizing Intel technology.

Their expertise in FPGA development and Intel-based platforms allows Hitek Systems to provide seamless integration into existing infrastructure. Project owners benefit from customizable solutions, allowing them to tailor their FPGA cores to precise needs.

Hitek's services support various host processors, offering flexibility for applications with higher CPU and storage demands. Monitoring features, including RMON blocks and statistics counters, provide valuable insights for optimizing network performance.

The compact and rack-mountable design of Hitek's solutions ensures efficient space utilization for high-performance projects, such as video over Ethernet, RF radio over Ethernet, and more.

As an Intel Titanium Partner, Hitek Computer Systems empowers project owners with cutting-edge FPGA solutions on Intel-based platforms, offering high bandwidth and computational capabilities to address modern challenges effectively.

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