Altera, an Intel company, stands as a prominent force in the semiconductor industry, specializing in cutting-edge field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and programmable logic devices. Renowned for its commitment to innovation, Altera's FPGA solutions offer unparalleled flexibility for customizing digital circuits to meet specific application needs. With a focus on diverse markets such as cloud computing, network infrastructure, edge computing, and artificial intelligence, Altera's products cater to the evolving demands of these industries. Explore the transformative possibilities of Altera's programmable technology, delivering adaptability and performance in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

Featured Altera FPGA Products

Altera Agilex
Agilex™ Series

Agilex™ FPGAs redefine RF engineering with their blend of adaptable FPGA power and RF finesse. Altera's cutting-edge technologies like EMIB and AIB ensure low latency connectivity, vital for RF systems. These FPGAs empower engineers to navigate complex RF tasks – from wideband data conversion to digital beamforming – all while optimizing power consumption. In a world where field programmable gate arrays meet the intricacies of radio frequencies, Agilex FPGAs stand out as a versatile canvas for RF innovation.

Altera Arria
Arria® Series

The Altera Arria® 10 FPGA and SoC FPGA series introduces a 20 nm platform that harmonizes performance and power efficiency for RF engineers. Integrating a dual-core ARM*-based CPU with FPGA fabric yields robust DSP capabilities. These solutions embrace 25.78 Gbps transceivers and 96 lanes, enabling 3.3 Tbps serial bandwidth. Thus, Arria 10 FPGAs present a versatile toolkit for addressing intricate RF tasks with adaptability and power consciousness.

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Altera Stratix
Stratix®  Series

Stratix® 10 FPGAs from Altera offer advanced capabilities for data centers, leveraging Altera's Hyperflex FPGA Architecture, EMIB, AIB, and up to 2X performance gains. With robust transceivers, they ensure seamless communication across protocols, supporting high-performance interfaces like UPI and PCIe Gen4. Integration of heterogeneous 3D SiP enhances scalability and adaptability, making them essential tools for modern data centers.

Altera Max
MAX® Series

Altera MAX® 10 FPGA innovates non-volatile integration, merging advanced processing in a single device for power and cost-sensitive applications. With low static power architecture and flash memory, it integrates logic, memory, and DSP. Quick on-die configuration suits board management, robotics, and external memory interfaces.

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Altera Cyclone
Cyclone Series

The Altera Cyclone® 10 GX FPGA, built on a 20 nm process, enhances cost-sensitive applications with higher performance. Featuring 12.5 Gbps chip-to-chip transceivers and 6.6 Gbps backplane support, it employs the Adaptive Logic Module architecture for efficiency and simplified IP core conversion. With IEEE 754-compliant DSP blocks and external memory interfaces, it caters to diverse engineering needs.

Altera Quartus Prime
Quartus® Prime

Altera Quartus® Prime products are essential tools for FPGA engineers, supporting FPGA development with features like Agilex® device integration, RTL analysis, and advanced timing verification. The Design Netlist Infrastructure ensures data coherence, while Board Awareness streamlines board configurations. These tools offer diverse IP options and productivity enhancements for efficient FPGA solution creation.



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Altera Development Tools
FPGA Development Boards

Altera FPGA Development Boards are essential tools for engineers and developers, offering robust platforms for designing and prototyping digital systems. These boards support a wide range of applications, from IoT devices to complex computing architectures, providing flexibility, high performance, and efficient power management.

MAcnica Development Kit
Macnica Development Kit

Macnica Sulfur Development Boards are vital resources for engineers and developers, providing powerful platforms for designing and prototyping digital systems. These boards cater to a broad spectrum of applications, from IoT devices to intricate computing architectures, offering versatility, high performance, and effective power management.

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High-Level Design ToolsIntel OpenCL SDK

High-level design takes algorithm experts directly from OpenCL™ programs, Simulink models, or signal-processing flow charts to an FPGA design. 



Video & Vision Processing IPIntel Video and Vision Processing IP

A collection of Altera FPGA intellectual property (IP) functions that you can use to facilitate the development of custom video and image processing designs.



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