Canon’s CMOS sensor technology offers OEMs and end users expanded possibilities for industrial vision applications. From uniquely large pixel sizes to exceptionally high pixel counts in a compact design, Canon CMOS image sensors and cameras push the boundaries of imaging possibilities. Facilitating on-going innovation in industrial camera and image capture technologies, Canon CMOS sensors support pioneering solutions for advanced industrial, machine vision and scientific applications. 

Innovation has been at the heart of Canon’s success since the start. One of the largest patent holders in the U.S., Canon has developed highly unique CMOS sensors over the past decade. Each CMOS sensor from Canon features proprietary innovations at the pixel-level that translate into industry-leading performance in advanced industrial and scientific applications. 

Canon has been manufacturing CMOS sensors since 2000 for exclusive use Canon products. Building on that expertise and success, Canon is now committed to continually redefining what’s possible with new CMOS sensor products for use in industrial vision. If you’re in the design phase of your project, Canon sensors will be ready and available when you need them. 

Innovation is within your reach. High-performance Canon CMOS image sensors are readily available to transform your imaging products.

Canon Image Sensors

120MXS CMOS sensors - Ultra-High Resolution and Speed

120mxsBy incorporating close to the same number of pixels as photoreceptors in the human eye, the Canon 120MXS CMOS sensor delivers ultra-high 120 MP resolution in a compact design. At the same time, pixel-level innovations allow for faster readout speeds with lower noise ratios at 9.4fps – or higher when reducing the amount of readout lines. Uncover the finest details and find new clarity in industrial vision with the 120MXS CMOS Sensor from Canon. This Canon CMOS sensor is available in monochrome (120MXSM), color (120MXSC), and with a specialized RGB-NIR color filter array (120MXSI).


35MMFHDXS_A CMOS sensors - High Sensitivity in Low Light

35MMFHDXS_A CMOS sensorThe Canon 35MMFHDXS_A CMOS sensors use new pixel and readout circuitry technologies delivering ultra-high sensitivity with a 2.76 megapixel resolution. The enormous 19µm pixels, which minimize noise and dark current and allow control over readout position and frame rate, make the 35MMFHDXS_A sensors unique in capabilities among all other CMOS sensors for low light imaging. These CMOS sensors are available in monochrome (35MMFHDXSMA) and color (35MMFHDXSCA).


3U5MGXSBA 5MP CMOS sensors - High Speed Image Capture in 5 Megapixel Resolution

5mp-global-shutter-cmos-sensorWith an electronic shutter and all pixel progressive readout of 120 fps, the Canon 3U5MGXSBA 5MP CMOS sensor offers fast, distortion free image capture. In a 2/3″ format, proprietary pixel designs with low power consumption and enhanced sensitivity further improve performance. The 3U5MGXSBA CMOS sensor is an innovative solution where high performance is required in a small format. This CMOS sensor family is available in monochrome (3U5MGXSBAM), color (3U5MGXSBAC) and a specialized RGB-NIR color filter array (3U5MGXSBAI).


LI8020SA 250MP CMOS sensors - High Speed Image Capture in 250 Megapixel Resolution

5mp-global-shutter-cmos-sensorCapturing detail 125 times greater than in full HD resolution, the LI8020SA CMOS sensor from Canon offers remarkably high 250 MP resolution to uncover more detail than ever before. This innovative, APS-H format sensor leverages a square pixel arrangement of 1.5µm x 1.5µm pixels, achieving ultra-high resolution in a compact design for use in a wide range of applications. Discover new possibilities in unparalleled resolutions with the LI8020SA CMOS Sensor from Canon. This CMOS sensor family is available in monochrome (LI8020SAM) or color (LI8020SAC).

Canon CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kit

Explore New Possibilities With Canon CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kits

Canon-5MP-Eval-kit-v2Selecting the right imaging sensor can open up a world of possibilities for your applications. Canon’s Evaluation Kits have what you need to explore.

Featuring an open architecture design and valuable resources to help accelerate your development time, Canon’s CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kit allows OEM’s, system integrators, and end-users the opportunity to assess sensor performance in order to select the correct CMOS Sensor for the desired application.

Canon CMOS Sensor Evaluation Kit includes:

  • Your choice of Canon CMOS Sensor
  • Evaluation camera with pre-installed sensor (mono, RGB, or RGB-NIR)
  • Accessory package for out-of-the-box operation (quick start guide, power supply, compact tripod, cables)
  • Embedded software to setup the sensor, acquire image data, and communicate over USB 3.1 interface with any USB 3 compliant UI
  • PC-based UI application available for download to communicate with the camera
  • Sensor board design files source code*
  • VHDL code for the FPGA*

With exceptional performance, backed by decades of development, Canon sensors support your advanced solutions for industrial, machine vision and scientific applications.

Enhance results for imaging applications you’re working on now, or tackle those for which a solution was not yet possible, by leveraging the unique capabilities of CMOS sensors from Canon.

Technical Specifications

Evaluation Kit Camera Specs
FPGA Intel Arria 10
FPGA Processor Dual Core A9 ARM
Interface USB 3.1 Gen 1
Programmable General Purpose I/O 4 External FPGA GPIO Pins
Bit Rate 8-Bit
ISP Functions Region of Interest
Exposure Control
Framerate Control
Bad Pixel Replacement
Trigger Mode External
Debug / Registry  Setting Control Peek / Poke Commands
Power Input 12 VDC

Canon Low Light Machine Vision Cameras

Introducing Low light machine vision from Canon.

Macnica is very excited to offer the new ML-100 and ML-105 Machine vision cameras from Canon. This industrial camera is based on the Canon’s own 19um pixel sensor, providing unparalleled low light performance. It only needs 0.0005 Lux of illumination to provide an image, making it very suitable for indoor, badly lit or outdoor nighttime use – That’s equivalent to 4560000 ISO.

The industrial camera design has multiple mounting points. Choose from the industrial CoaXPress output, or the user-friendly HD-SDI interface. Each is offered with a choice of EF or M58 lens mounts, enabling the use of Canon or 3rd party lenses.

The full frame 35mm, rolling shutter sensor provides 2.7 Mpixels, providing 1080p/60 HD video.

With frame rates up to 164 fps, programmable ROI and selectable 8/10/12/16 bit output, it makes for a very robust camera. At 3x3x3.3 inches, the ML-100 also provides a compact solution.

Canon ML100 CameraCanon ML100 Camera Back

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