SiTime has the smallest, lowest power, and most reliable MEMS timing solutions. They deliver the best dynamic performance in noisy environments with high vibration or rapid temperature changes. SiTime products are currently used in Infrastructure Environments (i.e. Data Centers), Automotive, Industrial, Internet of Things, Mobile Wearables, and Consumer devices.

MEMS resonator and clock circuits used in the devices, are made on the same Silicon production line and are very small in size. MEMS Oscillators are better immunity to shock and vibration that would normally destroy Quartz Crystals.

Their products include:

  • Precision MHz Super-TCXOs - ±0.1 to ±2.5 ppm
  • In-System Programmable - 1 to 725 MHz, 0.3 ps jitter
  • MHz, 32 kHz, and µPower Oscillators – supporting a wide range of conditions and interfaces
  • Embedded Resonators - 0.176 mm2, nanopower

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