Canon LI3030SA 19µm CMOS Sensor

By designing a pixel with a deeper well, photons with longer wavelengths can be more efficiently converted into electrons, providing a substantial increase in quantum efficiency (QE) in the Near Infra-Red region. This deeper well resulted in an almost 45% increase in QE at 800nm versus the standard monochrome 19µm pixel size sensor (Canon 35MMFHDXSMA CMOS sensor). Featuring 19µm pixel sizes available in monochrome (LI3030SAM) or with a specialized RGB-NIR color filter array (LI3030SAI), this new family of Canon CMOS sensors allows for expanded possibilities in a wide range of applications.

Innovative Pixel Designs Enable Simutaneous Visible and NIR Detection

The LI3030SA Canon CMOS sensor features enormous 19µm pixels, each with an expanded well depth for greatly enhanced quantum efficiency (QE) for increased NIR detection. New technologies in pixel readout reduce the noise associated with larger pixel sizes, allowing for high quality images, even in low-light environments. By replacing one of the green filters with an NIR filter, this CMOS sensor also allows for the separation of visible and NIR wavelengths for discrete analysis and simultaneous detection in each spectrum.

With full resolution of 2160 x 1280, the LI3030SA CMOS sensor from Canon offers a wide image capture area.

Canon LI3030SA CMOS Sensor Expands Possibilities in a Wide Range of Applications

Simultaneous detection of visible and NIR wavelengths enhances many applications, including:Canon 35MM Industry Photos

  • Astronomy
  • Aeronautic imaging
  • Defense
  • Intelligent traffic systems (ITS)
  • Industrial
  • Machine vision


  • Medical imaging
  • Security
  • Surveillance
  • X-Ray detection
  • Underwater imaging



Technical Specifications

  LI3030SAM LI3030SAI
Filter Types Monochrome RGB-NIR
Sensitivity (e/lx/sec) 2,900,000 1,100,000 (Green)
Sensor Size 41.04mm x 24.32mm
Number of Effective Pixels 2160h x 1280v
Pixel Size 19µm x 19µm
Scan Type Progressive Scan
Shutter Rolling Shutter
Maximum Frame Rate (All Pixels) 98 fps
Dark random noise 3.4 e rms
Chip Interface 16 ch analog outputs



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