V-by-One® HS IP

V-by-One® HS IP

V-by-One HS is a standard for next-generation high-speed interface technology developed by THine Electronics for image and video equipment requiring higher frame rates and higher resolutions.

Implementing the V-by-One HS Standard Interface in Intel FPGA reduces the number of signals compared with conventional LVDS interfaces, which greatly reduces product cost.


  • V-by-One HS Standard Interface achieves 4 Gbps maximum transmission rate per lane (actual rate depends on the FPGA device)
  • Supports custom video formats as well as VESA, SMPTE, and other standard formats
  • Supports flexible multi-lane designs in accordance with the user's total transmission rate requirement
  • Self-check function (FieldBET) to test connectivity between transmitter and receiver IP


  Transmitter IP Receiver IP
Lane 1~32
Pixel Data 24,32,40 bit
Self Test Function FieldBET Pattern Generator FieldBET PatternChecker

Supported Devices

  • Cyclone® V GX/SX/GT/ST, Cyclone® 10 GX


  • Arria® V GX/SX/GT/ST/GZ, Arria® 10 GX/SX


  • Stratix® V GX, Stratix® 10 GX/SX (L/H-Tile)

* Please contact your local Macnica sales representative or through contact form for information about other devices.


  • Encrypted RTL (Verilog HDL)
  • Reference design
  • Simulation environment (For ModelSim)
  • User's manual
  • Reference design user's guide

Device Resource Utilization

IP Lane Cyclone IV GX Arria II GX Stratix IV GX
LE Register Block
ALUT Register Block
ALUT Register Block
TX 2 3946 2782 0 1933 2782 0 1933 2782 0
RX 2 6477 4949 0 2574 4949 0 2574 4949 0
IP Lane Cyclone V GX Arria V GX Stratix V GX Arria 10 GX
LE Register Block
ALUT Register Block
ALUT Register Block
ALUT Register Block
TX 2 1598 2977 0 1603 2964 0 1635 2959 0 1674 2976 0
RX 2 2273 5416 0 2274 5377 0 2259 5351 0 2528 5218 0

* The values in the above table are based on an example implementation. There may be some variation depending on the user’s system configuration.

Configuration Diagram

V-by-One HS Configuration Diagram

Evaluation Environment


  Product Name Vendor
Main Board Arria 10 GX FPGA Development Board Intel
Daughter Card V-by-One HS DVI FMC Card Mpression

Evaluation Boards



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