Techno Mathematical

Techno Mathematical

Techno Mathematical, also known as TMC, develops digital media new algorithm (DMNA)-based software and hardware products complying with global standards for image, voice, and sound processing. TMC's revolutionary DMNA reduces CPU load and increases the speed of image processing.

Techno Mathematical Products and Capabilities:

DMNA - Digital Media New Algorithm:

TMC's groundbreaking DMNA reduces computational load through mathematical methods like factorization, fold operations, and hierarchical processing. It offers several advantages, including low power consumption, accelerated processing capabilities, improved image quality by 2db, and the ability to process large high-resolution images without changing CPU frequency. It also minimizes delay time, a significant benefit in digital media.


LucidEye is a hardware IP designed to enhance visibility in challenging conditions, such as adverse weather or low light. It's suitable for security and surveillance applications and can improve image recognition by AI.

LucidEye Software IP:

TMC's LucidEye software IP leverages original computational algorithms, like DMNA, to significantly enhance visibility in various shooting conditions, offering real-time operation with low CPU load.

JPEG XS Compression IP:

This IP provides visually lossless and low-latency mezzanine JPEG compression. It supports various image formats and bit depths, making it versatile for multimedia applications.

Fixed Length Visually Lossless RTL Core:

The Visually Lossless RTL Core is an advanced hardware solution, ensures unparalleled visual fidelity and compression efficiency for high-quality image processing applications. Harnessing innovative algorithms, it delivers visually lossless compression, preserving exceptional image quality with remarkable efficiency.

JPEG Encoder/Decoder:

JPEG Encoder/Decoder offers unparalleled image compression and decompression solutions, providing optimal data size reduction without compromising visual quality. It efficiently processes JPEG encoding and decoding, providing high-quality images while maintaining data integrity.

Near-Lossless Compression:

Near Lossless Compression solution excels in preserving data fidelity, offering superior compression rates while minimizing data loss to an imperceptible level, ensuring optimal data integrity in compressed files.

Compact Lossless Encoder/Decoder:

Compact Lossless Encoder/Decoder stands out for its efficient compression while maintaining pristine data quality, ideal for applications requiring substantial data reduction without compromising fidelity.



With the introduction of the DMNA, TMC's commitment to technical innovation is evident. This algorithm addresses computational efficiency, reduces power consumption, and enhances image and video processing, making it a valuable addition to TMC's portfolio of engineering-driven solutions.

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